The origin of pursuit

1e4e3a_889a18c0225b4e98a4b51bb566a10047~mv2Innovation Performance Technology’s new office is finally open and ready for business. Who are we, you ask? We are a small, specialty car manufacturer based in North Carolina, and we think you’ll really like us. 2017 was our inaugural year, and it started with a bang. We built a tribute car to the 1969 Camaro, and it was one for the books. The 2017 Z/R went to the SEMA show in Las Vegas and wowed everyone. We had a blast,  but then the unexpected happened.

Our beautiful Z/R was stolen from the parking lot at the end of SEMA. According to our head honcho, Jon, it was a moment where we had to question everything. Would we move forward, or would we cash in our chips with this terrible blow to our business?

We took a lesson from a pair of famous brothers in history. They were inventors, and were tirelessly working on the biggest project of their lives. The government told them to stop spinning their wheels. Their family told them to come home. “Give up” everyone said. They kept their heads down and pushed forward. Finally, a breakthrough. The brothers were the Wright brothers, and in 1903, their invention was flight.

After several stressful phone calls and days in limbo, an amazing thing happened. Someone on Facebook had seen our postings about our missing vehicle and contacted us. Low and behold, we found our Z/R. It was a roller coaster ride, but we’re glad we went to SEMA.

Great things take time, persistence, and resilience. IT’s in the spirit of the Wright brothers that we drive on.

Are you excited yet? So are we. We’ll be heading back to SEMA in 2017 with another tribute car. The Mustang Bullitt. Yup. Get ready.