Meet your maker…


Just kidding. Meet Jon (Jan), our founder and head designer/builder:

A hot rod designer/builder for over 30 years, Jan was born a raised in a small Connecticut town. While studying in the library at a local Jesuit middle school, he took interest in a hot rod muscle cars magazine and was hooked. Working his way through high school and college at a new car dealership, Jan attained certifications in ASE mechanical and ICAR auto body.

After graduation from Post University with a BS degree in accounting, Jan left the auto industry behind and went on to work for the Wall Street firms of Coopers Lybrand CPAs and Dillion Reed Co. New York City. He also attended University of Pennsylvania Business School and the Yale School of Business Management studying finance and business law. It was one of those late-night NYC train rides home from work that would inspire a completely different career direction. Sitting across from an unhappy worn out senior partner from the very firm he worked at give a frightening glimpse of his future.

140 days later Jan would become a cadet at the United States Flight Academy training to be an Air Force pilot. This would lead to US Air Force and Army Special Forces at Fort Bragg and Fort Belvoir. His training included certifications in special weapons technology, counter-explosives tactics, Combat Air Control, tactical off and on road driving, pararescue, open sea combat diver, combat medicine, and OCONUS Anti-Terrorism.   Jan holds multiple Patents in special forces tactical equipment as well as advanced automotive systems. He holds NHRA, IHRA, SCCA and IMSA competition racing licenses and certifications. Jan has built high-level vehicles and motorcycles for competition and show, including the Special Forces Captain America motorcycle. He is a currently a SEMA Battle of the Builders participant. Jan’s continuing volunteer work includes building homes for disabled special forces veterans with the United States Veterans Corp.


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